About BoviPak

At BoviPak, we recognize that the dairy and livestock farmers are our most valuable asset and with this spirit, we strive to develop and bring to market our own innovative products, as well as the highest quality farm input supplies to help you keep your animals happy and healthy while producing top quality milk and meat. Our sales network is ready to provide your farm operation with the quality services necessary for you to thrive.

BoviPak is a one stop solution for livestock farm input supplies. With over rich experience of over 15 years in livestock, dairy and agriculture field, company is leading in Pakistan’s top farming input suppliers and manufacturers. We are based at Multan, Pakistan and offering a wide range of products for farms including Rhodes Grass Hay, Alfalfa Hay, Chopped Rhodes grass, Chopped Alfalfa Hay, Peanut Hay, Wheat straw, Silage bales both in 1000kg and 70kg, Cow Import from Holland, Australia and America, Dairy Cattle feed and Feed Ingredients, Dairy Machinery including Milking machines, milking parlors, feed wagons and CIP solutions. To deliver quality products at a good value on a consistent basis and to provide knowledge of those products and personal service to the farmers in an effort to make his farm as efficient and profitable as possible. Using our extensive experience of over 15 years and know-how, we develop new dairy products, innovative technologies and fully integrated supply chains that deliver high-value and high-quality dairy farm input supplies to our dairy farmers throughout the country as well as abroad. We are one of the trusted supplier of Rice Straw bales and exporting Rice Straw bales to Gulf countries. With our vast knowledge in the industry, we represent trust and quality. Together with our partners, we’re proud that our work contributes to the health and wellbeing of farmers and the families who are consuming their farm produce.